Salou has 2 waterparks nearby that are easily accessible from around the resort. Opening times vary in each park throughout the year and they closed in low season. In the Summer months these water parks are a perfect place to escape the heat and enjoy hours of fun. There is a large variety of rides in each park to be enjoyed by both young and old alike.

We always plan ahead checking the opening hours and what food is available in each park. By arriving early sun loungers are more plentiful as sometimes we have noticed they are scarce later in the day. The queues for the popular rides seem to usually be shorter in the early morning and later in the day near to closing time. Some of the parks have height and weight restrictions so it is best to check before you book your tickets. Here is a detailed list of the water parks and the rides you can enjoy.

PortAventura World Caribe Waterpark In Salou

Caribe waterpark is located in Portaventura in Salou and opened its gates in 2002. There are many water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river plus an indoor play area, out of the sunshine, to suit younger children, all on a 50,000m2 site . The waterpark is inspired by a Caribbean island and has 14 attractions and 4 restaurants. Surrounded by palm trees Caribe has lots to offer on hot Summer days while cooling down in the pools or just relaxing on one of the many loungers by the water. Here is a list of the slides in Caribe to help you plan your trip.

El Triángulo De Las Bermudas

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Caribbean with a dark legend that makes it one of the places most feared by sailors and pirates. Portaventura Caribe water park wanted to pay tribute to this myth by creating a pool in the centre of the park that is home to some challenging waves in all of the Caribbean. Enjoy the fun in this large pool while the wavs roll in. There is access for people with disabilities.

Bahama Beach

Bahama Beach at Portaventura is set in a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere while listening to Reggae music. Here you can relax on one of the many sun loungers provided, which there is no extra fee to use. A great place to relax and recharge your batteries after a hectic day.

Zona Indoor – El Gran Caribe

Zona Indoor in Caribe is ideally suited to children where they can enjoy adventures in the pool, 2 slides one indoor and one outdoor, ball pools and water jets. Above your head you will see an amazing full scale red aircraft attached to the ceiling creating a magical atmosphere. There is more sun loungers provided here, ideal to have a rest in the shade.

Mambo Limbo

Mambo Limbo in Caribe is a thrilling slide that starts at a height of 12 metres. Slide down to the end and enjoy the long awaited splash as you reach the bottom.

El Tifón

El Tifón in Caribe is 2 large slides for the brave that start at 15 metres high. After you climb to the top of the tower choose your preferred slide and enjoy the twists and turns before you reach the water at the bottom of this intense ride. Both slides are at the same starting height.

El Río Loco

El Río Loco is a fun filled journey along a river that winds around the entire Caribe park. Sit back and relax on this 1500 metre long trip but be prepared for some obstacles along the way for example water jets, unexpected bubbles and falling water. There are 4 entrances to El Río Loco which are ideal to take you across the park.

El Torrente

El Torrente is an exciting water slide for families or friends that want to travel down on this together on an inflatable boat. If you are brave enough you will glide down through the twists and turns of El Torrente in this turbulent water slide experience.


Again Barracudas has two water slides to choose from. The green slide has fast rapids and sharp turns, some of which are enclosed. The other option is the blue slide which has bigger drops and a winding curvy slide so its decision time when you reach the top!

La Laguna De Woody

La Laguna De Woody is a children’s lagoon in Caribe water park. There is surprise tunnels, coloured walkways, slides, fountains and loads of fun all created by Portaventura’s fun mascot Woody.

Junior Body Slides

The Junior Body Slides attraction in Caribe water park is designed especially for younger children. Its ideal for all the family to come together in this beautiful Caribbean setting to enjoy lots of fun with some funny slides and water jets. It is located inside Zona Indoor – El Gran Caribe.

Cayo Cookie

Cayo Cookie is ideal for children and all the family. Have fun in this splash pad with water jets to cool off on one of the many hot Summer days in Caribe water park.

Ciclón Tropical

Ciclón Tropical is a 100 metre water slide. It is located next to King Khajuna which is Europes highest free fall water slide. Ciclón Tropical is a multi bump slide so guaranteed thrills are ahead!

Rapid Race

Rapid Race in Caribe is an exciting water slide where six people can glide down together, all on their own water lane. Each person has a mat to protect you on arrival at the bottom of the slides at speed.

El Galeón Pirata

El Galeón Pirata is a children’s pool in Caribe with sesame street characters waiting ready to take you on adventures on the exciting slides.

King Khajuna

King Khajuna is a water slide in Caribe standing stall and giving you a 31 metre free fall at a 55 degree angle into the waters below. Ideal for thrill seekers as it is only for the brave. It is based on the legend of the ancient tribes of Hawaii. Khajuna was a child that was adopted by a group of dolphins who thought him about the oceans. He believed that by conquering the biggest wave of the sea that he would become King Khajuna. Can you face the challenge on this water slide?

Aquópolis Water Park

Aquópolis Water Park is situated on the Costa Dorada in La Pineda near Salou. There are water rides and pools here to suit all ages, from moderate to high excitement slides or little pools and small slides for children so everyone is catered for.

Suitable for kids :

Adventure Turtle : This attraction is ideal for under 12 year olds and they have the area to themselves. Here there is little water flumes thanks to a tailor made Adventure Turtle.

Mini Park : Suitable for under 10 years old the mini park lets the kids enjoy the days experience in a safe water area where the maximum depth is 60 centimetres with the presence of highly qualified life guards throughout the waterpark. There is a water castle with lots of bright colourful water slides, water pistols to play with friends and family and little water jets to help cool down in the hot season. Mini Park is in the centre of the children’s lake and also known as Lake Orinoco.

Treasure Island : Treasure Island is a water slide suitable for children under 12 years old and under 1.20 metres tall. It is exciting to climb up to the summit of the treasure island and then slide down through the refreshing water slide into the children’s lake. There are various slides covered with soft materials for extra comfort and safety

Funny Jungle : This space is ideal for children, decorated with different fun attractions like dolls, flumes, monkeys, dragons and parrots theme decorations that make the little pools a fun and energetic place to be. There is a cylinder designed like a zebra or a flume in the shape of a crocodile so there are lots of attractions to suit everyone.

Moderate Rides :

Zig Zag : ZigZag is colourful water flumes full of twists and turns before you reach the bottom where you splash into the refreshing pool. This flume is suitable for anyone 1.20 metres tall and over. Some of them are located over 20 metres tall so an adrenaline rush is guaranteed. Open from 2.30pm till 5pm.

Wave Beach : If you miss a day at the beach this is an ideal solution while in the water park. You can take a rest by the edge of Wave Beach and watch the wave pool when they sometimes reach a height of 1 metre. Open from 12.30pm

Speed Race : Speed race is a spongy flume with several lanes of slides side by side so you can enjoy challenging family and friends as you speed down to the end of the slide. The slides start at a height of around 10 metres high containing 6 slides that are 2 metres wide.

Vulcano River : Vulcano River is a rapid where you travel in a boat along the flumes that sometimes picks up speed but can suddenly become calm and you can relax in the sun as it takes you through surging waters.

Magic Oval : The Magic Oval is a unique attraction suitable for all the family to enjoy together. Up to 4 people can go on a float at the top of the oval tube and slide down as the water takes you rapidly to the bottom into the enormous pool with warm waters.

Indiana : Indiana Lake is a large pool where you can test your skills and show your adventurous side as you climb along monkey rings using the strength of your arms to try and stay above the water or you can also cross the lake by its hanging ropes or nets. To make your time in Indiana lake more adventurous if you dare you can travel across the zip line which is over 20 metres long. For water lovers you can shoot some baskets from the pool or alternatively relax in the water jets.

Blue Lagoon : Blue Lagoon is a calm and relaxing pool with beautiful scenery of rocks and waterfalls to view while you rest in the water jets or soak in its waterfalls. Blue Lagoon is located in the centre of Aquópolis and is one of the largest pools in Catalonia with 3,000 m2of water with accessible entrances all round and a maximum depth of 1.20 metres. Suitable for disabled just ask for a adapted chair to make use of the lake.

High Excitement Rides :

Splash : The name of this slide is suitable for the sound that you will make when you reach the water. A steep slope awaits you as you slide down a board with 2 handles that is designed for this slide. There is amazing views to take in from the top of the slide while you wait for the lifeguard to give you the signal to go. Race your family or friends if you choose to the end of the 30 metre long slide. Splash is one of the most used and successful attractions in the park.

Kamikaze : On the Kamikaze slide it is possible to reach speeds of up to 50 kilometres an hour. It is suitable for adults and children over 1.40m. Open from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Hurricane : Hurricane water flume stands at 10 metres tall and great speed is reached in an instant. It is designed for anyone that loves excitement, for example a free fall. There is no float needed and you will travel down the water tube at a speed of 40 kilometres an hour. It is suitable for adults and children over 1.20 metres in height.

Surf Waimea : If you are a lover of surfing or want to try it out Surf Waimea is your chance. This attraction offers the opportunity to catch an infinite wave and surf endlessly. Various sliding sports are combined like snowboarding and long boarding, a form of skateboarding where a longer board is used. This facility is designed to prevent you hurting yourself from a fall so it is a great way to try out this sport for the first time also. There is a fee of 8 Euro for Surf Waimea which allows you stay for 45 minutes.

Boomerang : You will face the mouth of the Boomerang 10 metres below this adrenaline rush slide. Holding onto a float you will be taken down an out and back trip created by the V shape, to the bottom of this 300 square metre surface

Black Hole : If you are not afraid of the unknown this attraction is ideal for you. After sitting on a float you will be carried by a current of water at full speed through a dark path unable to see what is ahead. If you would prefer to enjoy the rush of this slide you can also use a double float with a friend or loved one and experience it together. You will finally see daylight at the end of the tunnel after its 105 metre diameter which enter and leave the ground with 360 degree curves you reach the light after 65 metres.

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