Before your trip or during your stay in Salou it is useful to have information and to make the best of your holidays. Here is a list of some churches, tourist offices, medical clinics, chemists, and emergency contact numbers.


Insurance Card

If you live in a European country and don’t already have a European Health Insurance Card, you should make it a priority to get one before you travel to Salou.

If you hold an EHIC, you are currently entitled to medical care provided by Spain, if you are ill or involved in an accident. The treatment will be free, or the cost will be lowered, although the card should not be used an alternative to travel insurance. This is because only certain types of state provided care is covered.

The cover extends to pre-existing medical conditions, maternity care and emergency medical care. This means that individuals with chronic illnesses which need daily treatment, will benefit from access to medical care on the same terms as those who are a resident of Spain.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Skyscanner have a nice post here on why you should always have travel insurance.

Tourist Offices

Information Sign

There are two helpful tourist offices in Salou. They provide maps and information on different sights to see.

Oficina de Turisme de Salou is located in Plaça d’Europa, 1, 43840 Salou.

Patronat Municipal de Turisme de Salou is a beautiful building located on the beachfront at Passeig de Jaume I, 4, 43840 Salou, T, Spain.


Help Sign

In case of an emergency here are phone numbers and a list of nearby doctors at hand. Local and state security services can be rang 24 hours a day in case of any unexpected incidents.

Spain Internation Dialling Code : +34

Ambulance : 061 / 112

Catalan Police (Mossos d’Esquadra) : 977 929 400

Municipal Police : 900 309 212

Emergencies : 112

Fire Department : 112

Sea Search & Rescue (Servitur) : 977 376 429 / 651 903 455


Picture Of A Doctor

Salou has a Primary Care Clinic that is part of the public healthcare network of the Catalan Government which is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The city is 10 kilometres from the Hospital Joan XXIII, the primary one in the Tarragona network, and 11 kilometres from Hospital Sant Joan which is also public. There are also several clinics that accept mutual insurance coverage. Here is a list of clinics, hospitals and chemist addresses to help you locate your destination if are using google maps.

Medical Clinics :

Spain Internation Dialling Code : +34

Primary Care Centre (CAP), C/ Arquitecte Ubach, 11. Telephone: 902 111 444.

Centre Mèdic Salou, Via Roma, 11. Telephone: 977 352 235.

Centros Médicos Cataluña, C/Vendrell, 18 Plaça Europa (Ed. Mercurio)

Doctor Home Visit, C/Major, 24. Telephone: 977 172 169.

Global Medical Care, C/Francolí, 8 local 2. Telephone: 977 351 212.

Ms Doctors, C/Valls, 4. Telephone: 977 383 010. (24 hour)

Salou Mèdic, C/Barcelona, 30 3er 5è. Telephone: 977 353 984.


Spain Internation Dialling Code : +34

Hospital Joan XXIII, C/ Mallafré Guasch, 4, Tarragona. Telephone: 977 295 800.

Hospital Santa Tecla, Rambla Vella, 14, Tarragona. Telephone: 977 259 900.

Hospital Sant Joan, Avinguda Dr Josep Laporte, 2, Reus. Telephone 977 337 300.


Spain Internation Dialling Code : +34

Besora, Plaça Bonet, 2. Telephone: 977 380 343.

Calatayud, Via Roma, 17. Telephone: 977 382 761.

Coll, Passeig Miramar, 72. Telephone: 977 381 264.

Coret, C/Sínies, 3. Telephone: 977 380 788.

Esqué Ruiz, C/Madrid, 11-13. Telephone: 977 352 138.

Magriñà, C/Punta del Cavall, 4. Telephone: 977 371 170.

Montserrat, Avinguda Carles Buïgas,14-16. Telephone: 977 381 363.

Oliva, Passeig Jaume I, 28. Telephone: 977 350 555.

Piró, C/Valls, 4. Telephone: 977 381 388.

Sánchez, C/Ciutat de Reus, 3, local 1. Telephone 977 382 223.

Churches in Salou

Here is a list of local churches. Mass and service times are available at the tourist offices.

Catholic Churches:

Santa Maria del Mar, C/Església, 26 Salou.

Sant Ramon, Plaça Catalunya, 8 Salou.

Sant Jordi, C/Donzell Marí, s/n Cap Salou.

Protestant Church:

Betania, C/Pere Galés, 1.

Evangelical Churches:

C/ Camí de la Torre, 3.

C/ Guillem de Monycada, 14.

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