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PortAventura World Theme Park

PortAventura World Theme Park is an amazing experience! If you are looking for an adventure, this is the place to go. It caters for all ages young and old, and kept us busy for days.

Location and Accommodation:

PortAventura World Theme Park is located one hour from Barcelona in the resort of Salou.

There are five onsite hotels if you opt to stay within the park:
  • Hotel PortAventura allows direct access just inside the main entrance to the park.
  • Gold River Hotel is a Wild West Themed hotel that allows direct access through the Far West area of the park.
  • Mansión de Lucy is a Wild West Themed hotel which offers Victorian style rooms that allows direct access through the Far West area of the park.
  • Hotel El Paso is a Mexican Themed hotel that is located just below the main entrance to the park.
  • Hotel Caribe is a Caribbean Themed hotel that is located approximately a 10 minute walk from the park, there is a free shuttle to and from the main entrance of the park.

Access to the park is free and unlimited if you stay in one of the PortAventura Theme Park Hotels.

There are also many other hotels located within walking distance of the park. Click here for more information.

Getting To PortAventura World Theme park:

Airports Near By:

Reus airport is the closest airport to PortAventura Theme Park. There should be plenty taxis available at the airport but we use sun transfers to avoid any waiting time. It’s around 15 minutes from Salou / PortAventura and costs around €30. There is also buses running from the airport to Salou, check out Plana Bus for more information on these.

Barcelona EL Prat airport is the main hub with plenty of flights available but travel time will be increased. Plana run buses directly from the airport to Salou, again check out the website for details.

Taking The Train:

It is also possible to travel from Barcelona by train. PortAventura have there own stop just before the main train station in Salou. It’s around a 10 minute walk from the train station to the park. If you are travelling from Barcelona airport to Salou by train, you will need to take the train from the airport to Barcelona and then catch a connecting train at the station.

Warning – If you have a late flight then check the train times from Barcelona to Salou as you could be stranded at the train station overnight and a taxi ride to Salou could cost up to €250.

Taking The Bus:

Bus Plana run buses from almost all nearby resorts directly to PortAventura. Check out the website here

Walking To The Park:

If you are staying in a nearby hotel the obvious cheapest option is the walk to the park. Its absolutely possible, I’ve done it many times. The only problem you may face is if temperatures are high it’s an uphill struggle which can be difficult for kids. That said there are plenty of benches to take a break when needed.

Leaving The Park:

If you have travelled to the park by Bus or Train, you will probably be leaving the same way. Check you return time and be at you destination in plenty of time.

There is a taxi rank in the main carpark. When you walk out through the main entrance where the ticket booths are located, keep right at the large fountain ( the one with Woody in the middle ) follow the steps to the main carpark and the taxi rank is towards the left. If you stay until the end it’s best to leave just as the stage entertainment is finishing and head down as quickly as possible, to avoid waiting time.

If you are walking back to your hotel after dark, we normally wait until the end. There will be plenty of people going the same direction as you for the most of your journey, safety in numbers and all that.

I have included approximate walking times for nearby hotels here.

Things to do in PortAventura World Theme Park :

The park is made up of five worlds, Polynesia, Far West, Mexico, China, Mediterrenean and a Seasame Street world that’s ideal for younger kids as there are height restrictions on many of the rollercoasters and rides around the park. Height restrictions vary depending on the ride, the larger rides are 140cm, the smaller rides are 100cm and 120cm.

There are plenty of shows on offer around the park, pick up a map at the main entrance for starting times and locations.

Seasame Street characters and of course Woody The Woodpecker will gladly stand for photos when you bump into them.

PortAventura Fast Pass :

There is often long queues for the rides, sometimes up to 2 hours they do offer a few variations of an express pass to get through the queues quicker with prices starting from 33 .

Top Tip – Roughly once a month over the Summer season the park opens a White Night and they extend their opening time until the early hours. We were lucky enough to visit one day after their White Night event. We noticed the waiting times were very short for the rides with very small queues.

Cost Of Entry To PortAventura Theme Park :

Get 5% off your PortAventura World® tickets for a limited time with voucher code 5SPAIN

Cost to enter the park for 1 day if tickets are purchased at the gate:

Adult – €49

Junior / Senior – €41

Pre purchased tickets are also available online. If you are visiting the park for more than 1 day or intend visiting Ferrari or Costa Caribe Aquatic Park as well, pre purchased tickets offer a significant saving.

For example

4 day ticket to PortAventura with 365tickets –

Adult – €99

Junior – €85

3 day ticket to PortAventura / Ferrari Land / Costa Caribe Aquatic Park with 365tickets –

Adult – €68

Junior – €56

*Prices correct August 2018

Halloween In PortAventura World Theme park :

Halloween In PortAventura Theme Park

PortAventura Theme Park At Halloween

One of our favourite times of year to visit the park is for Halloween.This theme usually starts from the end of September to mid November (This year 2018, September 22-November 18).All around the park you will find pumpkins, spiders climbing the walls and lots of fun decorations. Suitable for young and old, with lots of shady characters roaming the park.

Seasame Adventura is better suited for the younger ones while the rest of the park has scarier characters from horror movies roaming around, they are more than happy to pose for photos if you dare!.

There is an over 18’s walk through called ‘REC’, based on an epidemic.

In Far West they hold shows in the saloon,  the Halloween the show is amazing, the year we saw this it was based on vampires. There is a minimum consumption but it not too expensive and the food and drinks are of good quality.

I hope this post was enjoyable and informative – If you have any questions or comments please contact me below.

Thanks For Reading – Salou Travel Blog

I will be updating this post weekly so check back for more information 🙂

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