About Parc Sama

Parc Sama is a beautiful botanical garden with many birds and animals located in Cambrils near Salou. With it’s romantic garden buildings, some designed by the famous Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi, Sama Parc is a great day for all the family, an escape for a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches of Salou, it is not overrun with people.

When we visited here we were very impressed with the traditional Spanish feel of the buildings located at the beginning of your tour before you enter the park to see the beautiful birds and animals. There is many areas to sit down and have a picnic. Shaded places to eat are plentiful underneath the lush green trees. There is also a cafe if you don’t bring a picnic.

Facilities at Parc Sama

Park entry is 10 Euro. There is a discount for children. There is food available at the front desk to buy to feed the animals for 1 Euro and they reuse the cardboard cups afterwards so don’t forget to keep it and to return at the end of your visit. They also have a small gift shop on entry. The park is open all year round from 10am-7pm.

The Deer at Parc Sama

The deer in particular loved the food and were very happy to see us! They are kept fenced in a spacious shaded area and you can feed them over the mesh as they will come up to greet you.The deer are tame and will happily eat out of the palm of your hand.

Picture of Deer in Parc Sama
Deer in Parc Sama

The Birds In Parc Sama

There is many birds to see including ducks, parrots and peacocks. You can walk through a large aviary where colourful lovebirds fly around you.

Peacock In Sama Parc
Peacock In Sama Parc

Lake In Parc Sama

There is a large lake with man made bridges, which lead to small tower with some steps to the top after you cross the rope bridge, comfortable footwear is advisable. The views from the top are beautiful. There is a little cave with a waterfall, some great photo opportunities are available in this little paradise.

There is little turtles, ducks and fish happily swimming in the lake. It took approximately 2 hours to see all the park. We saw frogs swimming in an old fountain with lily pads in the water.

There are blue and yellow parrots also known as blue and gold Macaws, as we approached them we were pleasantly surprised as they greeted us with ‘Hola’!

Picture Of Blue and gold Macaws In Parc Sama
Blue and gold Macaws
Picture Of Information Plaque
Information Plaque

Getting To Parc Sama Cambrils

We travelled to Parc Sama by car from Salou, the journey took 15 minutes.

Bus Plana offer an excursion to Parc Sama, get more information here.

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