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Montblanc Medieval Town

Montblanc is a beautiful medieval town situated 39km from Salou. It takes around 30 minutes to arrive by car from Salou.

Montblanc – What To Expect

Montblanc has beautiful gothic churches some of which are located inside the old town walls. Inside the walls of Montblanc you will also find lanes and narrow old streets with 13th and 14th century buildings that are fascinating to wander through.

Mountblanc Tarragona Spain Street Medieval Town

Steps Between Street Levels In Mountblanc Tarragona

Other highlights include the church of Santa Maria la Mayor, the Sant Miquel church and the Sant Marcal church.

Mountblanc Tarragona Spain Street Medieval Town

Santa Maria la Mayor Church Mountblanc Tarragona

The People Of Montblanc

We noticed lots of people walking their dogs in the coolness of the streets. Everyone is very friendly and greets you as you walk by. Overall we loved Montblanc and will definitely return. We highly recommend Montblanc for a relaxed day of sightseeing and dinner in the main square listening to the magical sounds of the church bells. This town is very well kept and clean.

Montblanc At Night

We travelled back to Montblanc at night time. The streets were very well lit up under old lanterns with a welcoming warm glow. The main square was very busy but there was a lot of outdoor seating to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. We felt very safe strolling inside the castle walls.

Tip : Remember if you visit on a Sunday, all shops inside the walls are closed, except for restaurants. If you want to see the traditional shops selling their goods it is advisable to plan this trip on a weekday.

Mountblanc Tarragona Street Medieval Town

The Streets Of Mountblanc At Dusk

Inside The Castle Walls Of Montblanc

On arrival Montblanc looks like any other town. But inside the castle walls you will be pleasantly surprised. There is also an option to have a guided tour if you wish. As you enter through the Bover tower you can wander through the charming old streets.

There are many points of interest to visit. You will pass many monuments along the way. Personally our highlight was the church of Santa Maria and its amazing views. At the entrance you have the option of having organ music played. There is box placed on the wall to collect a one euro charge if you do this. This can give your visit a lovely atmosphere. You can also visit the bell tower, which has spectacular views, for a two euro charge. Inside there are scenes from the old testament.

There is a shop inside where you can buy various souvenirs and candles. You purchase a candle here for €1.50 which can be lit and left at the church if you choose.

Outside the church, at the end of the entrance steps on the street there are beautiful patterns made up of cobbles. Walking further up the street to the highest point of the hill there is a viewing point . There is metal steps with a platform at the top which provide a great photo opportunity. From this you can see for miles on a clear day. The view is spectacular.

In the main square there are restaurants and bars where theres a lot of outdoor seating. It seems to be very pet friendly. There were many people dining with their dogs taking shade under their chairs and canopies from the midday heat. We also saw a man dining with his pet parrot on his shoulder!!. Everyone was friendly and very helpful.

Tip : If you are not going to get a guided tour the information office provide maps. They will show you points of interest to visit. The map is also very useful to find your way around the narrow streets.

The Legend of Saint George ( Sant Jordi ) and the Dragon

Legend says that Saint George killed a fierce dragon at one point of the town walls. A dragon that terrified all the people of Montblanc was given one person everyday. This was to prevent it threatening the towns population. They held a draw everyday to decide who would be chosen. This draw included the kings family. One day the kings daughter was the chosen one but as she was about to be devoured by the dragon, a strange man appeared on horseback. He saved her and this man was Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia. Legend says that the blood from the dragon poured on a rose bush. To this day the Catalan tradition continues where men give their beloved a red rose.

The Legend of Saint George ( Sant Jordi ) and the Dragon Mountblanc Tarragona Spain

The Legend of Saint George ( Sant Jordi ) and the Dragon

On the 23rd of April every year, Saint Georges day, Montblanc hosts a medieval week. The town is decorated with noble flags. They have a lot of activities including a re-enactment of the legend. This Medieval week of Saint George is the most famous week here.

Information sign in Mountblanc Tarragona Spain   Information sign in Mountblanc Tarragona Spain   Santa Maria la Mayor Church Mountblanc Tarragona Spain  Santa Maria la Mayor Church Mountblanc Tarragona Spain  Old Door Mountblanc Tarragona Spain

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Joyce Doyle · at

Did you travel there by car or use the bus or train? We’re hoping to go at the end of the month but I’m not sure how to get there from Tarragona.
Thank you

    Katie · at

    Hi Joyce, We travelled by car, there is also a train from Tarragona. If you call into the tourist office when you arrive in Montblanc, they are very helpful and will give you a map and directions. Hope this helps and you enjoy you’re time in Montblanc.

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